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Solutions for the Triple Bottom Line

Sustainability is integrated into everyday operations at Anderson Technologies. Automated equipment ensures efficient, stable processes.

Taking care of People; minimizing our impact on the Planet; and making an honest Profit

We all know we can’t keep creating virgin plastic materials and filling landfills with our discarded plastic components.  Anderson Technologies is walking alongside many of West Michigan’s leading companies that are seeking to reduce, reuse, and recycle in all phases of their business.

We can help you effectively navigate the journey to sustainability by:

  • Reclaiming waste materials
  • Identifying material applications
  • Designing product for material reuse
  • Sourcing post-industrial or post-commercial materials
  • Converting post life products into post-industrial or post-commercial materials
  • Manufacturing components and assemblies from reclaimed materials

If you would like to talk about sustainable materials, designing for recyclability, reclaiming waste materials, or any other topic related to product development and sustainability, we invite you to contact us and start a dialogue.