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What Anderson Can Do For You

Anderson Technologies has been a trusted, reliable partner for high-quality injection molded parts, complex components, and assemblies. The company holds an ISO:9001 Quality Certification, assuring you of a commitment to quality that is focused, reliable, and has stood the test of time.

Grand Haven, MI

Batesville, MS

Anderson Technologies continues to grow in services and technologies with our customers’ needs. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of services and capabilities:

Injection Molding

  • Gas assist
  • Precision, scientific, decoupled
  • Multi-shot
  • Insert
  • Over-mold
  • Stack
  • In-mold assembly

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  • Hot Stamp
  • Pad Printing
  • Painting
  • Laser Marking
  • Integration of Components and Electronics
  • Machining
  • Vacuum Metalizing and Chrome Plating
  • Painting and Other Decorating

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  • Lean Assembly Methods
  • Automated Assembly
  • Vibration and Ultrasonic Welding
  • Adhesive and Solvent Bonding
  • Strong Background of Assembly Techniques
  • Hot Plate and Infrared Assembly


Anderson Technologies has 37 injection molding presses: vertical and horizontal, electric and hydraulic.  Automated  robotics, scientific process control equipment (RJG eDart System™), and strategic automation equipment are implemented as required.  These enable efficient, effective, and reliable production. Products are manufactured in a broad array of commodity and technically engineered plastic resin.

Molding Equipment

  • Eight 40-110 ton presses with injection capacity of 2.27 – 5.50 ounce
  • Twelve 100-245 ton presses with injection capacity of 6.10 – 24.0 ounce
  • Eleven 250-500 ton presses with injection capacity of 25.00 – 45.68 ounce
  • Six 500-800 ton presses with injection capacity of 60.00 – 96.00 ounce
  • Additionally, RJG eDART System is the most powerful process control system in the industry and is essential for any processor who wants to stabilize the injection molding process, contain bad parts, and/or control their process to ensure parts of the highest quality.

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Cost Containment

Anderson Technologies has been in the injection molding and moldmaking business for over 60 years and three generations.  Customers gain from the long-term experience of employees who can help design and create products with injection molded components and assemblies that are cost effective and deliver long-term value. This includes:

  • Designing molds for maximum yield.  We pay attention to the little details, like optimizing runner size to achieve the minimum allowable percentage of regrind while maintaining the proper viscosity for the highest quality process
  • Providing rapid prototyping to ensure that the parts will fit and function as they are intended
  • Using scientific, decoupled injection molding with automation to control production costs and insure quality

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Software Support

Anderson Technologies uses sophisticated software tools to support the design and production process.  Our capabilities include:

  • Pro/ENGINEER® for developing and exchanging design files with customers.
  • Moldflow™ engineering simulation software used to optimize part and mold designs
  • AutoDesk® Inventor® the foundation for digital prototyping. Inventor produces an accurate 3D model that validates the form, fit, and function of a design before it is built
  • Spinfire® provides the ability to work with any CAD software
  • Mastercam CAD/CAM Software
  • RJG’s eDART Data Manager (EDM) System provides you with current cycle data for all machines on your network using your computer’s web browser. It can also analyze past data curves to assist with troubleshooting. With the EDM, and the eDART System it will allow you to transfer molds across machines efficiently, and resume quality levels quickly.



State-of-the-Art Facility to Meet Your Specific Needs:

Batesville, Mississippi

  • 55,000 sq. ft.
  • 70 employees