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Anderson Technologies Blog Series 1

Taking a product from concept to completion is complicated work. Anderson Technologies will be your partner in the development of your program from concept and feasibility, through manufacturing and delivery, while providing superior value. Our job is to lead you to a new level of success.

Whether you are new to plastics or have years of experience, this blog is written to guide you and refresh your knowledge of how to be successful in producing plastic components for your products.

201, 2017

Design is Everything

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When it comes to producing injection molded plastic parts, design is everything. In fact, design-for-manufacturability (DFM), or as we say in the plastics industry Design for Moldability, is critical to the success of your project. Just about any new idea for a component or product can be computer-designed using any number of CAD programs. However when it comes down to whether or not the design is viable for the injection molding process, that’s something the mold designers and engineers must determine through their expertise and the use of software technology.